SELESTA NYTES-The Fashion Show Event

Events Details:

The Nytes Will Serve a Powerful Entertaining Package With High Voltage Pro-Shows And Concerts, Where Celebrities Will Walk On The Carpet. The nytes will sprinkle the stars over the Selesta. It makes recall of Selesta's true sense of fest & fun.

Fashion will ramp over the stage and the carpet will lit the path to the celebrities. The high voltage shock of DJ will win the hearts. This nytes brings the various emerging talent of dancers. Colors of various cultures will fall over in the Selesta. Various hidden games will rule the site. Nytes will be of full of craziness.

Event Coordinator:

Shanu Sourabh
Phone No: 9603766018
Shabnam Shaik
Phone No: 833363530
Phone No: 7416939329
Hema Priya
Phone No: 9160509600

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