EVENT Description:

Management events are vital to every student to pursue their goals in present challenging world. They help the students to exercise different responsibilities for leading an organization. The Tycoon consists of two events, one is paper presentation and another one is business quiz.

Guidelines for Business Quiz:


Business Quiz deals with questions and answers series designed to brighten and enhance entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to encourage students to challenge to change business environment.

General Guidelines:

1. Only registered teams are eligible.
2. A team shall consists a maximum of two students only.
3. Quiz Master's decision will be final.
4. Use of mobile or other electronic device is not allowed.
5. The question will be in the form of multiple choice, True/False statement, Specific -answer question etc.
6. Replacement of any participants of a team is not allowed after registration.

Entry Round

1.Each team will be given a set of question paper containing 30 multiple choice questions.
2.Time limit will be 20 minutes.
3.In case of tie between 2 or more teams, further 5 questions will be asked for final selection.

Round 1: Questionnaire Round

1. Each team will be asked 3 questions each and only two responses for each question will be considered
2. For correct answer 10 marks will be given.
3. Passing of the question is not allowed.
4. 30 seconds are allowed for answering each question.
5. No negative marking.

Round 2: Audio -Visual Round

1. Teams will be shown clips for which they have to answer.
2. Each team will be asked 2 audio-visual questions.
3. 10 marks for correct answer and minus 5 for wrong answer.
4. No passing of question.
5. 30 seconds are allowed for answering each question.

Round 3: Buzzer Round

1. A question will be asked and the team who presses the buzzer first have to answer first.
2. 10 marks for the correct answer.
3. Minus 5 marks for the wrong answer or if the team doesn't answer after pressing the buzzer.
4. No passing of question.
5.30 seconds are allowed for answering each question.

Round 4: Rapid fire

1. In 1 minute each team should answer 10 questions.
2. Each question carries 10 marks.
3. 5 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer.
4. The question will not be passed on to next team.

Event Coordinator:

Mr. R.Hemanth Babu-Ph.No. 9492379081(Faculty)
Geoffrey Job Myeko-Ph:8142738517(student)
Muhammad Noman-Ph:9738710054(student)

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